Saturday, December 2, 2017

Is the grass greener somewhere else?

Is the grass greener somewhere else? I am talking about our jobs. Do you sell your house if the grass in the backyard is not green anymore?  Here are three quotes to think about: “Don’t assume that the grass is greener somewhere else; you should rather attempt watering your own grass first” — somebody “Work to live instead of living to work” — somebody “Love your job and not your company because your employer may one day say goodbye to you” — one of well respected Indian prime ministers The complicated question would be: How do you follow these three quotes and end up enjoying your life and your job? Books have been written about this. I cannot really provide you the answer, but I can definitely tell you the following after being 20 years in software engineering field professionally: If you do it to only satisfy your boss, you are doing it for a wrong reason and that enthusiasm cannot last long and it will NOT turn into positive experience. If you do it for bigger reasons, it will indirectly end up satisfying your boss and others and you will have fun. If things go bad, you have the bigger reasons to be the foundation for future.  You define for yourself what “bigger reasons” means to you. Almir Mustafic

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