Who is behind Almir's Corner:

My name is Almir Mustafic. I live in southern California. I am a solutions architect and a software engineering leader. 

My interests are computers, cars, tennis, basketball, and table tennis. I studied Computer/Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto. I have been in software engineering field professionally for 22+ years. It has been a journey from vi editors on Unix to fancy IDEs that we use these days; it has been a journey from desktop applications to distributed applications with n-tier architecture to microservices world; it has been a journey from your own data centers to cloud computing.

When it comes to computers, I enjoy providing software solutions using my creative, analytical skills and thinking outside the box. I started as a software engineer on Unix platforms and then in late 90s I shifted my attention to software engineering in Telecommunication industry mostly using the Microsoft technologies (C++, Visual Studio, C#). Then I focused on building enterprise level applications and web sites using Microsoft .NET frameworks from .NET 1.0 to 4.x. In last 4-5 years my focus has been microservice architecture, cloud computing and transformation to Agile and SAFe methodology. 

I have spent time with open-source solutions. For example, I learned Python and Node.js in order to provide certain solutions for my company. Outside my day job, I spend a lot of time programming different tools because I see specific problems to solve and it keeps my day to day programming skills at a high level. You can find me on LinkedIn if you are interested in my day job. I took a traditional path advancing my career through software engineer levels and learning the skills needed before diving into the leadership roles. I am currently performing the role of a Solutions Architect and a Sr. Software Engineering Manager in our technology team of 100+ people.

I will leave you with one quote:
"To be successful, you don't need to be the best; you just need to be best in striving to be better." -- am

Almir Mustafic
// Software Engineering is tech nerds' art.