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Who is behind Almir's Corner:

My name is Almir Mustafic. I live in southern California. I am a solutions architect and a software engineering leader. 

My interests are computers, cars, tennis, basketball, and table tennis. I studied Computer/Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto. I have been in software engineering field professionally for 20+ years. It has been a journey from vi editors on Unix to fancy IDEs that we use these days; it has been a journey from desktop applications to distributed applications with n-tier architecture to microservices world; it has been a journey from your own data centers to cloud computing.

When it comes to computers, I enjoy providing software solutions using my creative, analytical skills and thinking outside the box. I started as a software engineer on Unix platforms and then in late 90s I shifted my attention to software engineering in Telecommunication industry mostly using the Microsoft technologies (C++, Visual Studio, C#). Then I focused on building enterprise level applications and web sites using Microsoft .NET frameworks from .NET 1.0 to 4.x. I have also spent time with open-source solutions. For example, I learned Python and Node.js in order to provide certain solutions for my company. Outside my day job, I spend a lot of time programming different tools because I see specific problems to solve and it keeps my day to day programming skills at a high level. You can find me on LinkedIn if you are interested in my day job. I took a traditional path advancing my career through software engineer levels and learning the skills needed before diving into the leadership roles. Then the leadership role came to me with hard work. I am currently performing the role of a solutions architect and a technical leader in our technology team of 100+ people.

As for my passion for cars, I enjoy buying relatively affordable cars and modifying them. I am mostly into performance, and I also care about fuel economy. It may sound that these two statements are contradicting, but they are not; performance does not necessarily mean more horsepower.

As for sports, tennis and table tennis are currently my sports, but I still like basketball as I played high-school ball and a bit in college.

Computer technology is my passion. In my blog, I am talking about different subjects. It will be anything from latest products to computer programming. SDLC/PDLC are also something that I am interested in as I always try to make things flow smoother/faster while still passing all the audits.
As for my passion for cars, it all started when I was deciding which car to buy years ago. I realized that there is more to test-driving than just taking a car for 5-10min drive without really testing any limits of that car. I am not the most hands-on guy when it comes to car work, but I definitely know how things work and I am a very good troubleshooter without using any devices. Diagnosing an issue is a matter of taking a car for a test-drive and collecting all the necessary facts and making an educated decision. I modified my previous cars. Let me re-phrase this. I did all the research on the performance components/parts I was going to get and professionals installed it for me. However, I do know how these components affect your cars' characteristics.

At the end of the day, I am that guy driving to work with a smile on his face even though he is stuck in rush-hour traffic. A drive to work is not a chore for me. If you are driving the right car, then this becomes a spirited ride. Once I get there, it is the technology and daily challenge that keeps me going.

Almir Mustafic
"Don't judge a car until you test-drive it and see it for yourself."  
"Technology is your friend as long as you keep it simple."