Saturday, December 2, 2017


AMAZON WORKSPACES. I am not sure how many of you have heard of Amazon WorkSpaces. Let me give you some information and my analysis after using it for some time. What is it? It is the Amazon’s solution to desktops in the cloud. What’s the point? Well, if you want to use a basic less powerful laptop or even use a Chromebook as your daily computer, then you will not be missing the full functionality of a powerful Windows 10 machine. For example, you can use your Chromebook to connect to your Amazon WorkSpace machine and then you get the full Windows 10 experience. The point is that it gives you the experience as if your remote/workspace Windows 10 machine is really part of your Chromebook. Where it makes the most sense is using Chromebooks to connect to your Amazon WorkSpace machine as Chromebooks with Chrome OS are fast for anything you do in the browser and they are very secure; Chromebooks are also generally cheaper than other laptops. Just a thought as an alternative to buying fully functional laptops/PCs/Macs.  Almir Mustafic

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