Thursday, April 4, 2013

2012 VW GTI (DSG 6-speed) - My Test-Drive

2012 VW GTI (DSG 6-speed)

I test-drove a 2012 VW GTI (6th gen aka Mk6) with DSG 6spd transmission before the 7th generation comes to our shores.

I like the quick shifting double-clutch transmission. The transmission is a great match with this lively 2.0T engine that feels faster than its rating of 200hp.

The suspension is great for a daily driver and you can still take those corners fast. It has more neutral feel to it than the typical understeer that you get with front-wheel drive cars. Great job VW. I would prefer if they installed a slightly stiffer suspension, but I am might not be the majority or the group they are targeting. 

The interior of this is as good as interior of $80,000 car. All the detailing and stitching, the dashboard soft touch, the perfect seats and so on....

I like that hot hatchbacks in manual, but this car with the DSG transmission is one of the cars that might stop you thinking about that. The key word is "might"; it is up to you to find out.

- one of the best cars in 20-30K range and even better than many cars in 30-40K range
- handling is great for a daily driver and for some aggressive driving.
- interior is just perfect
- DSG transmission might stop you thinking about that proper manual transmission

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