Monday, April 1, 2013

Cloud Storage and Encryption - Consumers need more confidence

Cloud Storage and Encryption - Consumers need more confidence !

When you save the files in the cloud, the cloud storage companies need to:

Inform consumers that they are encrypting the files (via pop-up on first few uploads).

Provide optional 256-bit encryption on folders using a password other than your account password.

This will give consumers more confidence about storing their information in the cloud. For example, Dropbox and Evernote encrypt your files/notes in the cloud, but I don't think it is well advertised. You have to dig into "Learn More" areas of the site to find this information. Wouldn't be cool if occasionally you got a pop-up saying "you are safe; your data is encrypted in our storage" if you are not a frequent user.

To my knowledge, I don't think that the data on Google Drive is encrypted. As you know, Google Drive already allows you to unzip a file directly in the cloud and browse through the zip file. I wish that Google also provided something opposite of this and that is: Providing us an option to zip up a folder and even apply 256-bit AES encryption on it supplying the password on the spot. This would mean that we as consumers would not have to move that file to a Windows/Mac computer, get it zipped and encrypted and then move it back in into the cloud.

I talked about Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive; I am fairly new to SkyDrive and I am not sure what (if any) encryption is offered. I would feel confident having my OneNote notes in SkyDrive if I knew what type of encryption was done.

I think that we will get there soon as more and more services are becoming available via cloud.

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