Friday, April 5, 2013

2011 BMW 128i 6spd manual (230hp) - my test-drive

2011 BMW 128i 6spd manual (230hp) - my test-drive

This car is fast in "sporty" category but definitely not a sports car. The 3.0L engine is lively and likes to rev. The power range is definitely at high RPMs; you need to rev it high to feel the torque. The clutch is very very light which is not good for any car over 200hp. It is so light it is very hard to shift the car from 1st to 2nd without jerking it. This seems to be the trend with the cars these days. I might just need time to adjust.

The car handles really well for a daily driver; I like the sports suspensions on this car; it is not harsh when you drive it straight, but it hugs those corners when needed.

The sales guy drove the car off the lot; he drove it so hard and took corners so hard to show off the car and then he parked it on the side of the road and allowed me to drive it. He showed me some curvy roads and he allowed me and even told me to go faster through some corners.


If you are looking for horsepower and torque, this is car is not it; you should just go for 335i or the new 328i that comes with a turbocharged engine. However, if you are looking for all-around car that likes to be driven hard and handles great, then this is the car. 

It all depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you are willing to get something with similar performance and front-wheel drive, then you should consider VW GTI as it has good quality interior worthy of a $40k car.

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