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Friday, May 3, 2013

Software Engineers and Cars - Explaining Shifting your Double-Clutch transmission to your fellow Software Engineer who is not into cars

Let me pick two topics that are dear to me and write one quick blog about it. I am talking about cars and software engineering.

I am a car enthusiast and a software engineering geek. Sometimes I have situations where some of my friends and some of my software engineer friends ask me the following question:

  • "Almir, why do you constantly shift gears in your sequential transmission if you can just put it in "Drive" and go?"

I have driven cars with manual transmission all my life until I recently switched to shiftable automatics to try it out. I can easily explain it using car terminology and start talking about RPMs and optimal shift points and torque needed to accelerate and so on............................but I quickly lose people with this explanation.

I need to word this in a way that my software engineering friends who are NOT car guys can understand and here is what I came up with:

Explanation to Software Engineers on what's on the mind of a car enthusiast:

Driving Automatic in automatic mode ==>
Checking in code that is NOT optimized and knowingly doing that.

Driving Automatic and manually shifting it constantly ==>
Checking in code that is well optimized.

Driving the real manual transmission ==>
Checking in code that is well optimized and enjoying that process very much.

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