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I have been doing software development for 20 years. I started on Unix platform with C++ and then moved to C++ on Microsoft platform and eventually transitioned to .NET and C# programming. In the meantime scripting has always been a fun thing to do on the side. Scripting is just means of accomplishing something quickly in order to simplify the development for the team and the deployments for the team. There are so many resources on the internet to learn about C++, .NET, and C#, but there is not much on scripting for Windows platform. Therefore, I decided to share some of my work. I will be adding more scripts once I find time to put together some description for my scripts instead of just posting the scripts without any explanation. 

Some of my quick Windows Batch scripts are:

Python Examples:

I learned a bit of Python back in 2013 and I put it on hold because I was not thrilled with the syntax and code readability as I am used to strongly-typed languages, and I just picked it up again because as I am going through some AWS training and AWS CloudFormation. Here are some simple examples. If you are a Python expert, you should not be on this page :)

My fascination with Python is explained in this blog post: LINK

Each link indicates what version of Python I used to prepare this code.

Some Random Examples:

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