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Circuit Breaker (Real-User monitoring) Demo

Circuit Breaker (Real-User monitoring) Example

  • To start with, you can keep the existing Heart Beat configuration the same.
  • As you can see there is a way to simulate the external service being UP or DOWN.
  • Start with the service UP and keep pressing the button below that simulates the call to this external web service. You can see the GREEN responses.Then update the dropdown to DOWN.
  • Continue hitting the button below and you will see the FAILURES coming through.
  • After 10 Failures over 60 seconds, you will see that the Heart Beat system detects that something is wrong and decides to inform the invoker of web service to SKIP the call.
  • Keep hitting the button and you will see that every 10 seconds (Configurable), Heart Beat system allows the invoker to go through and make the actual web service call, and since the service is still DOWN, it continues to SKIP
  • Change the simulation to UP.
  • Keep hitting the button and within those 10 seconds (configurable), Heart Beat system will allow a call through and since the call will be successful, Heart Beat system records that and it goes back to NORMAL/GREEN mode.

Admin Screen

Configuration - Edit section


External Web Service setup section

Example: Your server making calls to outside web service

The Most Recent Log at the top:

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