Monday, December 15, 2014

Your Online Presence - The Technology makes the World a big village

You may say that you don't like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Google+ and so on. If you live in this era and you have a job that is fully or partially dependent on technology then you need to start caring about your online presence.

Let's take it back 10-15 years. Let's say you are the type of a person that did NOT like reading daily newspaper. Let's assume that the local newspaper was writing something about you that is incorrect or fully taken out of context. How would you feel about it and would you even know until your friends told you about it?

Let's fast-forward back into the present. If you choose to ignore what is written about you online, then it will hurt you one day because the only presence you would have online are those few bad things that might NOT be even true.

Building your online presence and adding good content online with your name is what suppresses anything else online that could be unjustly ruining your name. 

It is not a 2-page resume that you have to prepare to apply for a job anymore; we are building and updating our resumes every day. The technology makes the world a big village.

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