Monday, December 15, 2014

Security Tips - Top 7 - Especially important during Holidays

As you will be doing a lot of online shopping, now is the time make sure that your computer is secured for online shopping. Here are easy top 7 tips that you should follow:

  1. Do not use the admin account on your computer. Even if you are the only user on this computer, always create a standard user and use the standard user for your day to day stuff.
  2. Install a good malware protection software and enable the firewall on your computer.
  3. Use a browser that is not directly tied to the heart of your computer. This prevents a lot of issues. I tend to use Firefox or Chrome.
  4. Install extensions/plugins in your browser to block the pop-ups. Use the popup blockers that have good reputation online.
  5. Pay attention to URL line in your browser and make sure that the word "https" is there instead of "http". This is important on the pages where you are entering your personal information and credit card information as the data is submitted encrypted over SSL/TLS.
  6. Stay away from websites that can email you your old password when you go through forgot-login journey. That means that they are either storing your password in clear text (THAT'S BAD) or they are just encrypting it in a way that allows the decryption. Passwords are supposed to be hashed so that nobody working for that company can decrypt your passwords.
  7. Do not click on links that you get in your emails.  

If you buy a Chromebook, you can skip tips #1, #2, and #3. I do all my shopping on my Chromebooks.

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays !!!

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