Saturday, November 29, 2014

Healthy to change your programming language occasionally ?

I did a bit of programming in Python last night. It was fun to get back into it after a year break when I did my original Python tutorial. The factory patterns is something I have done many times in .NET using C#, but I wanted to see if I can develop it in Python without cheating and finding solutions online. It was a fun exercise. My ultimate goal is to set up a little framework for building enterprise-level applications. Having this accomplished in .NET, I really want to do this in Python. The requirement for myself is:

  • the framework needs to be n-tier
  • at least the client and server tiers to be able to run on two physical servers
  • each vertical slice or entity in this framework needs to be lightweight and it should ability to run as a service on its own

What I am trying to say that it is ok to step out of your comfort zone and attempt to build enterprise-level applications in a different programming language. It is healthy for us.

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