Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chromebooks / Cloud Solutions - Simple tip for students to make their Chromebooks better primary computers

Whether we like it or not, the cloud solutions are becoming a norm for a lot of us from day to day. Chromebooks are just a hardware platform that supports this direction and Google is not slowing down with it.

What do we need in order to find Chromebooks useful:

  • Internet connection if we want to properly utilize the features of ChromeOS (i.e. Chromebook HP 14" comes with 2-year data plan through T-Mobile 200Mb/month).
  • Offline Chrome App support in case you lose internet connection

These are not really the tips. This is just the bare minimum you need.

A lot of times you would want to use a cloud word processor or a cloud spreadsheet editor, but you know that your school requires your documents to be submitted in certain file formats. First, the school might not want to accept the link to your document stored in the cloud. Second, they will want your homework to be submitted for example in Microsoft format.

There is a simple solution.

When you are working in your GoogleDrive or OneDrive, both solutions have an option to download the documents in the Microsoft format. You can save the file on the local drive of your Chromebook and then email it to your teachers or professors.

If you are running out of space on your SSD on your Chromebook, then a simple solution is to get a USB thumb-drive. I happen to use a 32Gb SanDisk that is so tiny that you can barely tell that anything is connected to your laptop.

Have fun chromebooking :)

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