Thursday, August 28, 2014

Are you paying attention ?

A lot of times you wonder if somebody actually read the document or information that you shared with them. You may spend a lot of time putting this information together, and you expect that the information is to some degree read or analyzed. This is easy to manage in smaller teams because you establish that mutual trust and respect, but it gets harder in larger teams that constantly change size based on demand.

If you are noticing that a certain individual or a group of people are not being professional about it, there is an easy way to confirm this suspicion. 

Use a tool or a cloud solution that can tell you if a document was downloaded from the link you shared in the email.


Provide a bad link to your document. If this person or these co-workers never read your email and tried to open the document, they will not realize that you provided them a bad link :)

I did not intentionally do these steps, but it happened by accident and I discovered a few things :)

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