Thursday, July 10, 2014

Purchase a tool/solution or build your own - What is the right choice?

There is often a dilemma between purchasing a tool and building your own in many companies. What is the right choice. Well, it depends on your company, where the company wants to put the money and also what type of talent the company wants to maintain in-house. It also depends on the price of the tool. Even if the tool that you purchase is affordable in short term, the question is:  "How easy can I support the business with this tool/solution as the business is quickly adjusting to the market?". If you think that building your own tool is the right choice, you need to be careful not to over-design it. The goal is to keep it simple. If you decide to purchase a tool or purchase an off-the-shelf solution, you really need to do a lot of research; a lot of the off-the-shelf solutions look good in POCs, but you find yourself hiring consultants to customize it the point where you have to constantly be paying high skilled consultants to support it on day to day basis.

You can take all those variables into the equation and decide. There are many other factors, but they are not easily quantifiable; you need to use your experience and follow your gut feeling.

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