Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How your smart phone battery can stay above 90%

Smart Phone Batteries:
I often complain how the battery on my iPhone goes down to 20% by the end of my work hours. I often compare it to my old BlackBerry phones that used to last for two days without charging. Things have changed and it is not a fair comparison anymore.

When I was on a trip to Portugal recently, I kept my iPhone in Airplane mode most of the time. I still used my iPhone a lot for taking pictures, but I managed to keep the battery above 90% throughout the day. At first I did not believe it. I was really impressed.

Keeping your phone in Airplane mode might not be an option for you as you might be expecting phone calls, but you can consider it if you are running out of batteries and you still need to use other features of the phone besides the phone calling :)
While in Airplane mode, I was still able to use iMessage and BBM when I was connected to WiFi. That was a big plus.

I did not discover anything new here; I just figured I would post it on my blog because it worked for me.

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