Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2006 Porsche Carrera S - My test-drive

2006 Porsche Carrera S - My test-drive

This is car is just amazing. My friend let me test-drive his 2006 Carrera S (997) and I was smiling all day. Porsche 911 definitely is still my dream car for sure 110%. This car would put a smile on your face every day going to work. This car handles like it is on rails and at the same time it is comfortable enough for my taste that I could take it on a 3-4 hour trip to Vegas and not get tired. 

Let me talk about the power. It has 355hp but it feels like 380hp because Porsche just masters in transferring that power to the wheels. I don't think that I would need the Turbo version of 911 because this one is just perfect as daily driver. This one had an automatic transmission (with shifting buttons on the steering wheel) and the shifting felt as if you are driving a manual as the shifts were not too perfect and fast such as double-clutch transmissions that a lot of cars have these days; I kind of liked this automatic as I've been driving manual all my life and it clearly makes me aware of what gear I am in and when it shifts. I am sure that the new PDK transmission performs better, but I definitely like the shifting on this automatic.


This car just takes any apex confidently and the feedback through the steering wheel is raw and perfect; it is neutral with a bit of over-steer in street driving and on the track, I could definitely get it to oversteer more. The steering gives you the real feedback from the road that I could almost tell if I ran over a dime or nickel.


If you were looking to buy a new sports car in $45k-$70k range, step back and think about it. Test-drive a used 2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S with low mileage; the car felt like new, tight and reliable. Let me put it this way: I spend more money maintaining my old VW (which I loved) than my friend did on his Porsche.

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