Friday, March 22, 2013

1Password vs. LastPass? Which password management product is for you?

1Password vs. LastPass? It boils down to Local vs. Semi-Cloud vs. Cloud solution. Both products are very good solutions. What fits you?

A lot of us constantly struggle with the question where we keep our passwords. First, I strongly recommend that you passwords are all very strong and unique. Then it boils down to three cases and answers to that will guide you towards 1Password or LastPass. Those cases are:

OPTION #1: Passwords are encrypted and kept on you computer without ever being in the cloud? Keep in mind that you sacrifice the ease of use.

OPTION #2: Passwords encrypted and kept on your computer locally and also in the cloud where it is also encrypted by the Dropbox cloud solution. This approach gives you ease of use, ability to sync across computers/devices through the cloud and it also keeps the file on your local hard-drive so you have it for yourself in case things go wrong in the cloud.

OPTION #3: Passwords encrypted and kept ONLY in the cloud and hidden behind two-factor authentication. With this approach you don’t have a local version of the file; so if the website hosting your information goes down, you might possibly lose your information. On the other hand it is easy to use because you don’t need a desktop application; all you need is a browser.

If you are happy with option 1 or 2, then you need to use 1Password software.

If you are happy with option 3, then you can pick and keep your passwords in the cloud.

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