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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Google becoming Amazon. Amazon becoming Google. Is the word “amazon” going to be become a verb?

Now that Google is introducing a “buy” button in the search results, they will be slowly cutting into the market share that Amazon.com owns. I have a prime membership with Amazon and I love it, but if Google makes things easy with a “buy” button within search results, I am not promising that I will not use it. Is Google becoming Amazon? Will Amazon need to become Google in this segment to protect this line of business.
I never really thought of Google and Amazon as director competitors, but as these companies try to figure out ways of making more money and keeping their shareholders happy, their business models are becoming very similar and the competition is heating up. As a consumer, it is interesting to stand on the side lines and use these services as most of them really make our busy lives simpler. I am a big user of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Play, Hangouts, and Amazon Prime. These products make me more productive and save me trips to local stores which in turn give me more time with my family.
The recent move by Google to get into the market of selling items through their search results might pressure Amazon to expand and become an alternative search engine to protect their business line. That would be my long-term prediction.
Am I totally off? Is the word “amazon” going to be become a verb in our daily conversations?
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