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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Text Editor for ChromeOS / Chromebook - No internet connection needed

If you a Chromebook user and you have a need to take notes locally (no internet connection needed) in a text editor or you want to be able to edit code when you lose internet connection, then here is a very simple Chrome app:

After a busy day at work using Microsoft .NET (C#), I go home and use my Chromebook for all the personal stuff. That includes some side HTML/Javascript/PHP/Python programming that I typically do in a cloud IDE. However, sometimes I need to take notes and do some code changes where internet connection is not stable. That's where this Text editor helps.

Here are some screenshots using different themes within the editor:

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  1. What type of Cloud IDE do you use for Python? Have tested Cloud9 and like it very well, but miss the debugging. I really need to see what happends on each step.

    1. Cloud9 is good for HTML and Javascript, but when it comes to Python, I have to use PyCharm locally. PyCharm is very lightweight and it works fine on a Mac or Windows.