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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Monitoring your production system and understanding if your production launches are successful

Monitoring your production systems:

To properly measure the success of production launches for high-traffic sites, you have to measure:
1. high-level orders and completion of orders
2. Low-level engineering errors that quantify the stability of different components of your application and the overall system.

#1 tells you if your web site is operational and if you are generating revenue.

#2 tells you if your systems are bleeding without you noticing it from the graphs and monitoring of #1.

This is crucial to protecting your business day to day so you can focus on being creative and introducing new features and products without too much risk.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

HRE Open House - Car Show - June 2014 in Vista, California

This year's HRE Open House was very fun. The last time I was at this show a few years ago, only the front parking lot was full with cars. This time the parking lot around the whole warehouse was full.

Here is the link to the full album:
HRE Open House Album - June 2014

Here are a few pictures from the album as the preview:

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Troubleshooting production-only issues is an art/process of elimination

Troubleshooting production-only issues is tough. We all know how it tricky it can get.

It is an art/process of elimination, but you have to develop that skill over the years. First, you have to understand the architecture of the system. Then it is an exercise of gathering all the information and facts. Then you use your experience and outside the box thinking to start eliminating items. To troubleshoot a software application, you don't necessarily have to be a developer, but it is good to understand how applications are coded.

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