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Monday, July 1, 2013

Quality in Software Development Life Cycle

Here are the steps should be taken to keep or improve the quality of your product in SDLC:

- Code review as project happens.

- Governance around CORE code and impact analysis

- Early integration testing: provide stubs on your code early so other
teammates start using it. If short on time, tune down a bit on unit-testing and use that
energy/time for integration testing.

- Allow bigger projects to be released into QA environment in small phases.

- Allow soft-launching methodology to production for bigger projects
so you don't risk and introduce bugs by doing everything in one big

- Monitor QA environment and truly understand what gets pushed into it: have a
clean dashboard of all the activities that are taking place. This
prevents tickets to be dragged into production by accident and keeps
the quality in the current environment.

- QA team to do free form testing with full understanding of the product.

- QA team doing load testing in Stage and Production.

- Prevent bad quality code to sit in production by monitoring the
production for PERCENTAGE change in low-level errors. If greater than
some threshold, then roll back.

- Have ability to introduce new features to certain group of customers (demographics, geo-location....)
to slowly roll out new features.

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