Sunday, April 15, 2018

Process — we love to hate it, but …

Process is good to protect your end customers.
When people say they don’t like the process, they don’t really mean that they don’t like the steps in the process, but rather they don’t like how these steps are streamlined.
The process should be streamlined to encourage us to launch more often and to launch smaller increments instead of making us bundle things. When it takes a long time to get things approved, the approval process could be very centralized. What microservices may improve with natural de-centralization, a centralized process may undo in terms of agility and speed.
To de-centralize the approval process, tech leaders on the floor could be ITIL certified and act as approvers; with that permission comes responsibility.
The ultimate goal would be that the same number of steps would be executed in the process, but the steps would be much quicker and streamlined in a more enjoyable fashion. The end goal is to keep the end customers satisfied and to pass all the audits.
Thank you for reading this article.
Almir Mustafic

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