Sunday, April 15, 2018

Measure without putting burden on your team

Imagine a software engineering world in which you measure the value your teams deliver with almost ZERO burden on your teams in terms of spending time to enter information correctly !
If the teams are worried and constantly thinking about being measured, then we are not doing it properly.
It is very possible to measure without putting a burden on your team.
This is where I stand for the first item in the agile manifesto that states: “Individuals and interactions OVER processes and tools”.
For me the number #1 thing is to have the team reach that point at which you look at each other and you know you have the momentum, quality and product value and it’s fun doing it. Then the number #1 thing is to ride this momentum wave as long as you can with fine-tuning adjustments from sprint to sprint and stop any influences where the first item of the agile manifesto would be jeopardized.
Yes, I know that a lot of companies are regulated and you need the processes for auditing purposes, separation of responsibilities, repeatability; however, you still need to watch out for that first item in the manifesto.
Thank you for reading this short article.
Almir Mustafic.

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