Saturday, August 26, 2017

Yes, we software engineers do care about the business value

The perception is that software engineering only care about the low-level details and that’s where they find their motivation.
Let’s go to Day 1 out of college and you have a first professional software engineering job. It is overwhelming just to deal with the reality of having a professional job and the junior software engineers are generally all about solving the low-level technical problems and being motivated by the technology that is used in problem solving.
Later in your career as a software engineer, you learn the business better and then you start understanding what it takes to deliver an enterprise-level application to production and keep the end customers satisfied. That’s the turning point in your career where you find the motivation in:
  • * Optimizing the code and working on other geeky things
  • * Understanding how your application or your module or your few lines of code relate to the overall revenue numbers and customer satisfaction.
Then even further in your career you may get to the point where programming languages, libraries, APIs are just tools or means of getting a stable and robust application for our end customers. So your motivation may mostly come from “problem solving” in general and getting cool products to our customers.
After saying all of the above, we conclude that software engineers do care about the business value.
Thank you for reading. 
Almir Mustafic

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