Sunday, May 21, 2017

When you know your tech team is so skilled to …

Your company could be categorized to be in financial industry sector (non-tech company), and you may have a small tech team that is focused to deliver what business needs and building huge in-house solutions might be the last thing on your mind.
Then you end up expanding your technical team from year to year and creating a cool tech culture to work in. After a while your technical team becomes very strong and they end up implementing a lot of solutions and the business grows.
In the process of maturing as a technical team, you might have gone through building different type of architectures.
Then you get to the point where you built a scalable microservice platform in the cloud and this platform is generic enough to support any type of business model.
That’s when it clicks to you that you have put together an amazing technical team capable of implementing any idea. That’s when you realize that you have a platform capable of being the heart of all solutions within your corporation across multiple divisions. That’s when you realize that you are not any more just a company in a financial sector with a tech support team, and you are really a tech company with both technical and business mindset.
Yes, there is a lot more maturity that can be attained, but you feel proud of what you have accomplished so far and you know this is just the beginning of something great. You know you have built the heart of something big and you should take a moment and let it sink a bit, recharge and dive into the next adventure now that you have a good foundation. This is when you reach out to your senior leadership team and thank them for their vision, and this is when your senior leadership team thanks the tech team on the floor for their perseverance, dedication and ability to be open-minded to new tech ideas and cutting-edge solutions.
Thank you for reading.
Almir Mustafic.

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