Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How Vlogging can wake up the creativity in you

A lot of us engineers have creativity but it is not the type of creativity non-engineer/non-analytical group of people typically have. Actually this other type of creativity is deep in us, but we need to somehow wake it up.
I did not explicitly look for ways to wake up this creativity in me; it happened in the process of doing vlogs with my family and friends, or at least I think it did. I have done YouTube videos in the past, but I have not put much thought into making them attractive. Even though they were tech videos and car videos, I could’ve applied a bit of authenticity in them to show my personality and when the personality comes through, then your videos are that much better.
My vlogs are not even public and I am having fun doing them. I spend time with my family on weekends and I figure out the story that I want to deliver and I attempt that 2–3 times during each weekend. Then I share the vlogs with my family. Creativity does not just come out if you do an occasional vlog in a month; it is that routine and daily pressure over the weekend that pushes you to be more creative and to improve. I am no Casey Neistat, but I am trying. I will keep doing it while I am having fun even though my audience with these unlisted YouTube family vlogs reaches only 30–40 views :)
What are you doing to wake up your creativity? Is it music? Is it photography? Is it art? Is it poetry? Whatever it is, go for it! Have fun.
Thanks for reading.
Almir Mustafic.

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