Saturday, January 30, 2016

POST Desktop Era - Are we there?

Post Desktop Era.

Back in 90s when I worked at IBM, I used to use dumb terminals connected to Unix servers that had some amazing specifications. Then we went into the direction of having powerful desktop computers and powerful laptops. 

With the introduction of Chromebooks, we are back to those dumb terminal days but still at infancy days. With Chromebooks, you can be almost 100% productive if you are not in IT industry, but when it comes to IT professionals, we are getting there. 

More and more tools are becoming available online through web browsers. Of those tools is Cloud 9 IDE that I am using. I can do Linux, Node.js, Javascript, HTML5, and Python programming all through my browser on my Chromebook. Yes, I have my IDEs for my Windows and Macbook machine, but there is something fun about developing in a cloud IDE :)

The message in the image is what I saw one day when my Cloud 9 IDE was loading; it's awesome.

So are we there yet? If you are an early adopter, we are there. I think we are still a few years away from web browser tools being as good as desktop tools.

Happy Cloud Computing :)

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