Monday, November 2, 2015

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training - Some Info

I just recently attended a very good two-day training session on AWS. Jon Gallagher (our instructor) is very knowledgeable and good in painting the full picture on AWS. His labs were great too.

Here is the summary of the material covered in this training. We covered a lot in two days.
  • Introduction
  • Lab 1 - Installing AWS CLI & running some basic commands
    • get info on AZ-s
    • get info on EC2 instances
    • get info on S3 buckets
    • get info on SQS queues
    • get info IAM user and list the Groups
  • Security Policies
    • IAM users, groups, roles, S3 buckets permissions, VPC S3 endpoint, SQS permission
    • Sample JSON for a security policy
    • ARN (Amazon Resource Notation) 
  • Lab 2 - IAM setup (Identity & Access Manager)
    • create users
    • create groups
    • assign permission
    • create roles
  • EC2 Info   (Elastic Cloud Compute)
    • EC2 = Instance Type + AMI
    • Instance Type info
    • What is AMI
    • Hypervisor
  • Lab 3 - Working with EC2 from AWS CLI
    • get info on your VPC
    • get info on your subnets
    • create a public/private key to work with CLI
    • create a security group & add rules group
    • create/run an EC2 instance with pre-set AMI
    • SSH into your EC2 instance using the key
    • cURL command to your Hypervisor to get the meta-data
  • VPC & Networking
    • VPC info
    • Tribal knowledge on VPCs
    • setting up a VPC across a regions and multiple AZ-s
    • security layers to VPC and usage of public and private subnets
    • Security Groups as layer before Hypervisor and Hypervisor before you get to EC2
  • Cloud Scaling - EC2, ELB (Elastic Load Balacer) & ASG (Amazon Scaling Groups)
  • Lab 4 - Create Security Groups, AMI and ASG (Auto Scaling Group)
    • create multiple security groups
    • create an EC2 instance
    • create an AMI image from your EC2 instance
    • create an ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)
    • create an ASG (Auto Scaling Group)
  • Automation with CloudFormation
    • Structure of CloudFormation template (parameters, mapping, resources, outputs)
    • Output of one CloudFormation template can be used as input into another CloudFormation template
  • Lab 5 - Launching ASG with CloudFormation template
    • create a new stack in CloudFormation screen in AWS Console
    • load the CloudFromation template
  • Networking & VPCs
    • Default VPC vs. your own VPC
    • NACL to protect your VPC
  • Lab 6 - Building a VPC and ASG with Python Troposphere library
    • installing Python and all the libraries needed
    • running a provided Python script that sets up a VPC and an ASG
  • VPC Endpoints
  • VPC Flows
  • DynamoDB


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