Sunday, September 13, 2015

Node.js and Prototyping

How do you prototype something quickly, keep it simple and at the same time have it ready to be expanded into a real product?
During my last two-week vacation I spent a bit of time to learn Node.js. My goal was to learn it enough so that I can put together a little template for me in order to easily develop some prototypes with a bit of Web API via Node.js and HTML/Javascript on the client side.
I am glad that I spent time learning a bit of Node.js because when I came back from my vacation, I needed to develop a prototype for my team as part of our first sprint of a big project. I just spent last week some time to develop a prototype and I am ready to share it with my team members on Monday. 
The next thing for me in my personal time is to learn Node.js more so that I can apply it at the enterprise level when needed. All the error handling and robustness that comes naturally in C#, I need to develop that skill in Node.js.

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