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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SQL Updates - Tip of the Day

When you are typing SQL Update statements, start by typing the WHERE clause first !!
You never know when your muscle memory will trick you and you hit that F5 key . So it is better to be ready.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Node.js and Prototyping

How do you prototype something quickly, keep it simple and at the same time have it ready to be expanded into a real product?
During my last two-week vacation I spent a bit of time to learn Node.js. My goal was to learn it enough so that I can put together a little template for me in order to easily develop some prototypes with a bit of Web API via Node.js and HTML/Javascript on the client side.
I am glad that I spent time learning a bit of Node.js because when I came back from my vacation, I needed to develop a prototype for my team as part of our first sprint of a big project. I just spent last week some time to develop a prototype and I am ready to share it with my team members on Monday. 
The next thing for me in my personal time is to learn Node.js more so that I can apply it at the enterprise level when needed. All the error handling and robustness that comes naturally in C#, I need to develop that skill in Node.js.

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