Friday, July 3, 2015

Why I switched from ChromeOS to Mac OS !

This is about your household computers and which type of computer is used 90–95% of the time. I am a software engineer and I still need to use a Windows laptop if I want to do some development at home after a long day at work.
As for most used household computers, we switched from Windows to ChromeOS when the original Chromebook Samsung 11" came out in 2011. Then we switched to HP Chromebook 14" and that made the experience even more consistent and enjoyable.
All this time we were using LastPass for password management. I like how LastPass approaches their security but recent hacks scared me a bit and I started thinking about one basket with all the eggs in it and all of this being in the cloud with LastPass (no offense LastPass). Then I decided that my wife and I should switch to a total opposite approach for password management and use 1Password desktop software without keeping any password management data in the cloud. That resulted in getting a Macbook Air 13" as I wanted a full OS with less maintenance. We have been enjoying the Macbook Air, but I am still appreciating the consistency of any Chromebook and 100% productivity. Mac OS is very consistent and it just works but when I compare it directly to ChromeOS, it still has some unexpected performance behaviors which are not worth mentioning if I compare it to Windows.
If ChromeOS had a built-in way of zipping and unzipping AES 256bit files or something built-in along a lighter version of TrueCrypt, then I would use ChromeOS again anytime. Maybe LastPass and Google can work together to produce a truly native LastPass app for ChromeOS. That would allow me to occasionally take that encrypted file from one Chromebook to another and still have access to my password management information. As for everything else, I have nothing to hide and I embrace the cloud as much as possible.
I am excited to see where ChromeOS team at Google will take ChromeOS over next few years.
Let me know if you are facing similar dilemmas with your household computers and if you have any recommendations for me on ChromeOS could solve my problems at this time.
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