Monday, May 25, 2015

Wheel Alignment — Yes, my car needed it ! Does your car need it?

If you lower your car, make sure you do the wheel alignment. I managed to avoid this with previous cars, but the alignment on my Honda Fit got affected drastically after putting H&R Sport springs and new shocks/struts. I knew I should have done the alignment right away, but instead I learned the hard way by fully running through a pair of Bridgestone summer performance tires in just 4,000 miles.
Here is a picture of a front tire that got worn out and a rear tire that stayed perfectly fine. Since I put a few thousand of miles in a few months, I was not expecting my tires to be in this condition. Just when I was thinking about doing the tire rotation, I realized what’s going on.
So what did I learn from this? I learned that I should not try to take the cheaper route which in reality ends up more expensive ☺. Most of you don’t lower the suspension on your cars, but the alignment can still change. We all need to check the tires regularly for uneven wear and for super fast wear. For the car nerds out there, both the toe and camber were off. The toe being bad caused the tires to wear out very quickly. The camber caused the uneven tire wear.

Have fun driving and be safe.
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  2. Unfortunately, you're right about what you said at the start of the last paragraph about how the cheaper route usually end up being more expensive. I didn't know poor wheel alignment could cause so much wear on a tire! Those pictures show a very drastic comparison.