Thursday, January 8, 2015

Purchase or Develop ?

To purchase a tool/solution or to develop it yourself? 

That is the common question in companies that have the luxury and cash to purchase expensive packages. There are pros and cons on both sides. 

If you decide to purchase a solution, you have to do all the calculation to make sure it is worth the investment over paying your developers to implement something custom for your company. 

It all depends on what part of a solution you are purchasing instead of developing yourself. If you marry your business too much with external tools/solutions, then you have to follow to some degree their train schedule. What degree is the limit?

On the other hand you may develop it yourself. However, do you have the expertise in house. Even if you do have expertise, do you want your developers working on this instead of implementing requirements from product managers.

These are not easy decisions. 

Trends change quickly in IT industry and the main question you have to ask yourself is: Is the tool/solution that I am about to purchase a part of just this current short-term trend or is it here to stay?

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