Saturday, January 10, 2015

Creativity vs. Organization?

I have noticed that I am more creative in my software engineering field when I am less organized or when I tune down on my organization. This allows my mind to function differently. However, when I finish going through a creative period, I still have to catch up on the organization part because that's what the tech lead position requires from us in general.

Over the years I built a system for myself to do my general task management and the task management during large projects. The main goal was to make this system as mechanical as possible to that my mind is not busy organizing things; it should be busy dealing with the engineering problems and solutions. So when my organization system is truly mechanical, this also allows my creativity to kick in and it's a great feeling when you reach that level.

Do you feel the same way about this? I should research if there is any scientific study about the relation between creativity and being organized.

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