Monday, October 27, 2014

Invoking a batch script on a remote machine using a script on the client

I have been doing software development for 17 years. I started on Unix platform with C++ and then moved to C++ on Microsoft platform and eventually transitioned to .NET and C# programming. In the meantime scripting has always been a fun thing to do on the side. Scripting is just means of accomplishing something quickly in order to simplify the development for the team and the deployments for the team. For example, some of the scripts that I will eventually share with you are:

  • Quick scripts that deploy code to a server and start/stop services
  • Scripts that monitor the changes on the server throughout the day
  • Scripts that notify you when there is a change on the server and what change it was
  • Scripts that monitor the logs for your application and send you the daily summary on the type of errrors
  • etc.....

The following example is how you can start scripts on a server by sending a signal from the client computer. There are many different ways to implement. This is one way of doing.

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