Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Car Modifications ...... in Photoshop

This is all about doing your homework before spending money on the real car modifications. I am just an average user of Photoshop and I am using the features of Photoshop to achieve the end goal; I am an engineer and the engineering behind the suspension parts are number #1, but the presentation is what sells. Another goal is to decide what the car will look like before making the next step in the modification process.

The first example is 997 Porsche Carrera S.
- first picture is the stock photo
- 2nd picture is the car lowered about 2.5"
- 3rd picture: 2.5" lowering with BBS wheels
- 4th picture: 2.5" lowering with Volk Racing wheels

The second car is 2010 VW GTI.
- 1st picture:  Stock suspensions with aftermarket wheels
- 2nd picture: Extreme lowering job

The third car is 2009 Mini Cooper:
- 1st picture: Stock photo with Mini factory sports suspension.
- 2nd picture: Extreme lowering (2-3")

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