Friday, May 23, 2014

Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design in a nutshell ?? What about CMS?

What is RWD (Responsive Web Design)?
What is AWD (Adaptive Web Design)?
How does it all fit into CMS (Content Management System)?

Responsive web design is often misunderstood. It is often loosely used in conversation without full understanding because it has been a buzz word for last year or two. What does it mean? It means that the server is pushing all the html to the client and client has some fancy logic based your device to render different layout to flow areas of the page slightly differently. It could mean that a two column page on desktop device renders as a single column page on your mobile devices. Responsive web design is not a perfect solution because you are pushing the same amount of data (html, images, CSS) to the client (your browser) whether you are on desktop or mobile device. That does not make sense if you are browsing over slow 3G connection with your phone. 

Adaptive Web Design is the way to go because it is taking the concepts of RWD, some new concepts, and some new features in CSS. You can do AWD on the client or server side. If you detect the device on the server, then you have the luxury of having the desktop view totally different from the mobile view; for some websites it makes sense that you totally simplify the mobile experience and have different content and that's when you would have two totally different views on the server side. If you do it on the client, then you can use new features of CSS to NOT push big desktop images to mobile devices and drastically increases performance. The overall intent of AWD on the client side is to make the presentation for desktop and mobile devices optimized and to also share content. If you product owners decide to share content for desktop and mobile devices, then AWD on the client side is the way to go. Once you start getting to major content differences between desktop and mobile devices, then you have to choose AWD on the server side.

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