Saturday, April 5, 2014

NOT Getting Paid per Line of Code Written

Software development is not about how many lines of code you write. That's why the question "how many lines of code is your application?" is not an acceptable question any more. To understand the complexity and the size of an application, the typical questions are:

  • How many components?
  • How many class libraries?
  • How many entities?
  • Is it n-tier and how many components on the client side and how many on the server side?
  • What type of communication between client and server and what type of security?
  • ...etc.

Depending on your choice of programming language and IDE, there are a lot of code snippets that are generated by your tools and they are not necessarily written by us developers.

That's why there is a reason why we developers don't get paid per line of code we write. It is because most of the software issues are resolved at the high-level. It is all about stepping back and understanding the problem and resolving it with a few lines of code. How many times did you spend hours/days troubleshooting an important production issue and it resulted in one line of code or no code change but rather a setting in your server environment? You know exactly what I am talking about.

That's why we don't get paid per line of code !

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