Sunday, December 22, 2013

Password Security - Are we taking it seriously?

We need to take password security more seriously or seriously in general.

A lot of people use the same password on multiple sites. A lot of people have passwords that can be hacked in minutes or hours without two-factor authentication.

Please spend some time and listen to all 7 videos from Steve Gibson on this topic. In fact, this is a show on TWIT show called "Security Now". I am not in any way affiliated with and Steve Gibson (, but I have to thank them for doing this episode. I am not affiliated with LastPass either. LastPass is a very good product but the point of my post is for you to listen about the security aspect of these videos, learn and most importantly apply in every day life.

Trust me. This could save you. Please spend 1 hour on this. Thank Steve Gibson and TWiT for putting this together.

Part #0:

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Part #4

Part #5

Part #6

Part #7

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