Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Acura RSX Type S (Year 2006) My test-drive

2006 Acura RSX Type S - my test-drive

I test-drove Acura RSX Type-S manual with the intention to see if I am still into the high-revving engines and to look for that ultimate all-around package while staying under $20,000. This car is definitely a fun car, but it has some cons that I will point out. Here is a quick review:

I revved the engine all the way to 8,000rpm and it gives you a thrill. The engine works freely and you can't hear any loud noises that indicate that the engine is struggling. The clutch feel is on the light side but it is not as light as the clutches coming from newer cars these days.

The handling was great. Close to neutral feel with a bit of understeer. If I put a good rear sway-bar, it would be more neutral-oversteer like and that would sell me this car with the thrill of high-revving engine.

The torque is the negative side, but then again it is not expected from Hondas. I was kind of used my chipped VW 1.8T with 230lb/ft of torque starting at low RPM. I think that the torque aspect cannot be used against these high-revving Hondas/Acuras.  This RSX accelerates fast, but it never has a surge of power; however the revving to 8k gives you a thrill that is hard to describe.

This car is still definitely on my list. The handling and the free high revving engine are the pros and the missing torque is a bit of negative for Hondas/Acuras. For $17,000 and having an overall package (sports and space for kids), this stays on my list, but at this point it does not justify for me to spend on this car; I am currently driving/experimenting with Mini Cooper (base engine) and sports suspension.

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