Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2009 BMW 328i Coupe, automatic - My Test-drive

2009 BMW 328i Coupe, automatic

I test-drove my friend's BMW 328i with tiptronic and Eisenmann cat-back exhaust to compare it to 128i manual that I drove earlier. Let me say that this BMW is just 10 times better with the tiptronic transmission and this is coming from a guy who has drive manuals most of his life.

If you remember, I liked 128i, but I did not like the very soft clutch that complimented the manual gearbox.

Let me get to the 328i review. BMW 328i also has a 3.0L (230hp) naturally aspirated engine which revs so freely, smoothly and fast which I am fond of. The car handles as if it's on rails because it came with BMW factory sports suspension. BMW tiptronic transmission is just better match for this engine because the engine revs so fast and with tiptronic (that shifts relatively fast), you can nicely push this car to its redline and shift quickly. The downshifts are also crisp. I've always driven cars with manual transmissions, but sorry dear BMW, the clutches on these manual transmissions are too soft for my taste.

However, BMW 3.0L engine, with the sport suspension and tiptronic transmission is just an awesome combo.

Let me get to the review of the Eisenmann cat-back exhaust that my friend had installed on his BMW 328i that I drove. This is the best quality exhaust that I have seen. It gives you that extra power and pull at the low RPM and it just sounds awesome. The sound is so deep and it makes you shift through gears up and down with a big smile.


This is a great car. If you are ready to buy something luxury, respectable power, good handling, well balanced, then this is something you should consider.

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