Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Car Purchase - Tips on how to approach it?

1. Bring someone with you so that the salesman does not keep the eye contact with you 100% of the time. That's what they want.

2. Bring printouts of Invoice prices from Yahoo Autos or MSN Autos. This can be used so that salesman does not give you some unreal MSRP prices.

3. Never negotiate on the monthly payment. Negotiate on the price of the car before taxes or after taxes (your choice).

4. It is NOT over yet. After you make the deal on the overall price of the car, it is NOT over yet.

5. You will be taken to a finance guy who will print out a bunch of papers and trust us, they will always be some add-ons that you did not explicitly agree on. Please review it all and see if your monthly payments match and if the duration of the loan matches. Take your time.

6. Now, you are done. Wait, did they give you the keys and the car.

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