About Me

Who is behind Almir's Corner:

My name is Almir Mustafic. I live in southern California. My interests are computers, cars, tennis, basketball, and table tennis. I studied Computer/Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto. I have been in software engineering field professionally for 18+ years. It has been a journey from vi editors on Unix to fancy IDEs that we use these days.

When it comes to computers, I enjoy providing software solutions using my creative, analytical skills and thinking outside the box. I started my career 18+ years ago as a software engineer on Unix platforms and then in late 90s I shifted my attention to software engineering in Telecommunication industry mostly using the Microsoft technologies (C++, Visual Studio, C#). Then I focused on building enterprise level applications and web sites using Microsoft .NET frameworks from .NET 1.0 to 4.x. I have also spent time experimenting with open-source software. For example, I learned Python and Node.js in order to provide certain solutions. Outside my day job, I spend year 2016 doing Python programming at home doing different POCs and also building some tools for the team at work. You can find me on LinkedIn if you are interested in my day job. I am currently performing the role of a solutions architect and a technical leader in our technology team of 100+ people.

As for my passion for cars, I enjoy buying relatively affordable cars and modifying them. I am mostly into performance, and I also care about fuel economy. It may sound that these two statements are contradicting, but they are not; performance does not necessarily mean more horsepower.

As for sports, tennis and table tennis are currently my sports, but I still like basketball as I played high-school ball and a bit in college.

Computer technology is my passion. In my blog, I am talking about different subjects. It will be anything from latest products to computer programming. SDLC/PDLC are also something that I am interested in as I always try to make things flow smoother/faster while still passing all the audits.
As for my passion for cars, it all started when I was deciding which car to buy years ago. I realized that there is more to test-driving than just taking a car for 5-10min drive without really testing any limits of that car. I am not the most hands-on guy when it comes to car work, but I definitely know how things work and I am a very good troubleshooter without using any devices. Diagnosing an issue is a matter of taking a car for a test-drive and collecting all the necessary facts and making an educated decision. I modified my previous cars. Let me re-phrase this. I did all the research on the performance components/parts I was going to get and professionals installed it for me. However, I do know how these components affect your cars' characteristics.

At the end of the day, I am that guy driving to work with a smile on his face even though he is stuck in rush-hour traffic. A drive to work is not a chore for me. If you are driving the right car, then this becomes a spirited ride. Once I get there, it is the technology and daily challenge that keeps me going.

"Don't judge a car until you test-drive it and see it for yourself."  
"Technology is your friend as long as you keep it simple."


  1. Hi Almir, I was viewing you YouTube Video on OneNote 2013 - A Very Useful Task Management Tool, and Outlook 2013 and liked you approach to using it as a Task Manager. I cannot figure out how you create the Sections in your Projects and then created the 3 additional sections for Current, Backlog, Inbox. It looks interesting and I'd like to give it a try. Cheers, Glen

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you. You can create sections within a notebook by right-clicking on the default section (below notebook name on the left side navigation). You can create as many sections as you want and you can also create a section group.

    3. Almir, Thanks very much, I'll give it a try. Cheers, Glen